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Welcome to our website that promotes three very special classic coaches which are available for you to hire.

Both of “The Empress’s” are 20 seat Bedford J2 models with coach built Plaxton Embassy bodies.

They are perfectly suited for that special occasion you may be thinking of. Whether it be for a wedding, corporate hire, special event, themed party, film & television work or just because friends or family might want to take a trip out in one, these are the coaches for you!

Don’t be fooled though, they are 8 feet wide, much like a full-size coach of the era, and spacious inside with good leg room. Due to their modest length, they are suitable for many venues that are difficult to access with a full-size coach.

To find out more about hiring our Bedford’s please do give us, Empress Coaches, a call on 01424 430621 or email us on to discuss your requirements and let us give you a bespoke quotation tailored around your needs.

Each vehicle has its own special story that you can read about more fully on their individual page so please do have a look at these icons of British engineering and find out how they have survived into the 21st century.

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